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As a seasoned academic, Lebo has identified niche areas to tap into as well as areas to develop. Lebo cares about our identities which are constantly evolving. Lebo is becoming a woman who appreciates collaboration with different stakeholders, from in and outside her network, as well as with the industry/corporate world. She leverages from this to help as many people possible to better themselves, their lives, as well as their futures, to the benefit of our society at large.


Lebo cares a lot about people and their mental health, as well as their emotions. Lebo is also very aware of the current world which we live in and aims to continue helping to make it a healthy working environment for her clients and for herself.


Coming from a marketing field, Lebo is a humanist as well as a behaviorist, who cares about people and who is dedicated to helping to bring the best out of people, to the benefit of themselves, their environments as well as society at large. She aims to create tribes and ecologies of conscious likeminded people, who are authentic and passionate.

Life Coaching

Lebo encourages and counsels her clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Lebo is here to guide you through professional projects, goals and life transitions, ensuring that you live your life to the fullest and that you fulfil your purpose in this world.

Nlp Coaching

Lebo is a qualified NLP Practitioner and an expert in understanding how our thinking produces behaviour.  She is here to coach you on how to get the best outcome from your daily inputs and create a life of excellence in every aspect of your life.

Professional Development

Lebo believes in diversity, and is appreciative of the diverse world she works and lives in. She aims to also create more awareness of the importance of managing and embracing socio-cultural diversity in our communities.

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Lebo is involved in a number of exciting projects, that involve community and growth. To find out more about how you can get involved in these projects, please visit the projects page to get in touch.

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