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About Us

In December 2016, Kelebogile used her history of empowering girls at secondary and tertiary education level to apply to become a Global Champion For Change by the UN Empower Women.

As part of her nomination she has established three projects, where she will journal and showcase the journeys of female entrepreneurs under the campaign #InspireHer2Startup.

An online publication will showcase these stories on the Empower Women Platform. Interviews are currently underway to determine the skills and knowledge these entrepreneurs need to start and manage their businesses. The information gathered will be consolidated to help empower and inspire women, young and old, to start their own enterprises. It will also serve as a celebration of the milestones the women have achieved on their entrepreneurial journeys.

The second project allows Lebo to use resources from both Empower Women and Young African Leaders Initiative to help mentees utilise their areas of interest in a way that will provide extra income and support their immediate needs and wants.

The third project will help mentees and other interested parties launch business ventures and further develop their skills and knowledge, while offering marketing and personal branding coaching.

Lebo reiterates that women are the real architects of society, regardless of their line of work or their socio-economic standing. Women should not be defined by their circumstances; instead, they should use their circumstances to inspire positive change in their communities.

All human development and human rights issues have gender dimensions. Un Women focuses on priority areas that are fundamental to women’s equality, and that can unlock progress across the board.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in this project, please book a call with Lebo.