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When asking about Lebo Ramokgopa, you’ll hear about a woman who is passionate about blogging and journaling her personal journey as a mother, daughter, friend and career woman. Her drive to see young women grow and become their best led to a network to empower the girl child.

In July 2011, Kelebogile introduced the Yaya Secrets of Sistahood Network, an initiative aimed at girl empowerment. Her first step saw her appealing to friends who were willing to become mentors and asking them to take on mentees from their communities.

Every year, Lebo adopts a few students and embarks on a journey of mentorship with them until they complete their studies. She has made it a point to take on more young girls from the university where she works due to access and her familiarity with their day-to-day struggles.

Lebo launched a Facebook group that not only offers women the platform to inspire and motivate one another, but it also gives young mentees the opportunity for self-expression and identity development. Furthermore, the group allows for mentors and mentees to network with one another for their personal growth and development.

Outings are organised that focus on teaching the girls the importance of personal grooming and career development. These can take the form of structured or unstructured group or individual discussions. The girls also explore the serious issues and are challenged to find solutions to the social ills they face.

Kelebogile also plans monthly assignments and tasks for the girls to help them address issues they know little about to help broaden their perspective in life. As someone who understands the power and impact of social media on the youth of today, Ramokgopa tries to use all the platforms at her disposal to reach her mentees.


Kelebogile hopes to develop a strong network of young, successful, employed women between the ages of 25 and 35 who can mentor female scholars or university students between the ages of 16 and 22. The social pressures facing young women today are not all that different from those of previous generations, except that they are magnified by technology. “It’s imperative for every young girl out there to find her voice and use it to build her life,” Ramokgopa emphasises.

Lebo is thankful to her own influential mentors in industry, academia and society. “I feel very fortunate to acknowledge that the time they have dedicated to me has helped make a positive difference in my everyday life and in my decision- making,” she adds.

“When women discover the strength of other voices, coming together and tackling social issues faced by young girls and other women worldwide is always the next big step.” – Lebo Ramokgopa

Guidance Counselling

Lebo is here to advise you about academic and personal decisions. Lebo provides private counselling to students, helps to assess your ability and potential in students, and coordinate with fellow professionals on student matters.


Lebo is here to mentor and share her knowledge, skills and life experience to guide you to reach your full potential; using her many years' experience in academia herself, having experienced many set-backs and hardships.


Sometimes your purpose may not be apparent to you immediately and that is why coaching with Lebo is the best way to go. She is here to support and empower you through the current level you may be in and help shape you into the woman you want to be.

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What People Have to Say

She is a wonderful Lecturer, who makes an effort for her students and is very supportive to each and every student. It's easy for students to consult with her and allows different opinions from students. It's easy to interact with her in class. She motivates students to be at their best.
Ms Onkemetse Nkwana
TUT Alumni
Kelebogile is a power house! A force to be reckoned with! She pushes her students to be the best that they can be, by introducing them to Marketing not only as a subject but as an industry. Her ability to consistently inspire, mentor and empower her students is commendable. She has contributed immensely to the marketing professional that I am today.
Ms Thato Precious Phale
Assistant Brand Manager at Famous Brands Limited
Ms Ramokgopa has changed so much in me through Secrets of Sistahood. I have found my voice, my light and have grown to being fearless in all that I do. She takes mentorship seriously, and invests all of her in seeing that her mentees grown and find their light. She is a beautiful and authentic soul. Interacting with her creates a shift in you.
Ms Patricia-Lee Coetsee
Secrets of Sistahood Alumni

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