Building Your Personal Brand

We all need to understand and embrace the importance of personal branding. It is easy to overlook the fact that we are the CEO’s and Masterminds of our own brands, which serve as our own companies. It is time to tap into our brands, develop them, and use them to make positive contributions to ourselves and to those around us. Remember that you too, matter and your essence which is encapsulated through Your Brand, has the power to change lives for the better. Join us at the Zahara's Dream #BeYouPowerfully Talk this Saturday 29th August 2020 at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM SAST / 10:00 AM-11:00 AM NYC, where I will share some personal reflections and strategies on building a fulfilling career by "Building Your Personal Brand." Save your seat now: Please visit our Zahara’s Dream platform for more info: Webiste: #PersonalBranding #lifecoaching #selfmastery #selfpromotion #personalcoaching #community #networking

Zahara’s Dream
Mentorship Program

Kelebogile is one of the mentors for the program and is representing South Africa in this first-ever cohort of Zahara’s Dream Mentorship Program, with her core focus being on Self- Mastery, Personal Branding, and Professional Development.

Zahara’s Dream is driven by a single goal: to do our part to ensure that young women find their true path and have access to the opportunities they need professionally.

​Founded by Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo, Zahara’s Dream is an Energetic community that is committed to:

​1. Understanding that we are more than enough. We are full. Every day, we choose to be ourselves in our highest and truest expressions and not what others expect us to be.

2. The virtues of Purpose, Love and Generosity to breathe life into our dreams and support the dreams of other women around us.

3. Inspiring and aspiring to greatness by sharing our experiences, journeys, and voices.

4. Taking Action: we are built to break the mould and rise.

On a practical level, the Zahara’s Dream vision gives more by:

  • Collecting professional attire and distributing them to becoming young women at the cusp of their journey;
  • Creating a platform for exchange and support between mentors and mentees;
  • Convening an annual Zahara’s Dream Masterclass for young women’s continued professional and personal growth and learning.

Kelebogile has been paired with her mentee, Ms Shandukurai Chiuswa from Zimbabwe and they have already started their yearlong mentorship journey.

​For more information, please click on the link below and join the community.

There’s authentic power and strength in sisterhood. Together we rise. - Lebo Ramokgopa