Improving your skillset in the new normal.

2020 transitioning into 2021 has been a strange year indeed. We were all under the impression that this ‘new normal’ would just be a few months but it’s actually changed our world as we know it.

Currently, the world is battling a pandemic that has radically transformed the status quo, prompting new lifestyles. Before Covid-19 our world had already evolved in more ways than we predicted in the last century. And as decades go by, they are marked by remarkable changes in different fields of life. The last decade was marked by an exponential advancement in science and technology, which found its way into virtually all fields of human endeavour. The pandemic has clearly robbed the world of its normality, freedom, and peace of mind. In this short span of time, we find ourselves disarmed and combatting an enemy we have only just begun to understand. An enemy we do not know, cannot see or predict its next move. An enemy that has made the entire world and the mightiest of corporations its captive. It has regressed the world economy back by several years but transported us into the future instantly. A future we were only beginning to imagine.

This change has very well affected the world of work bringing it to a whole new level of operation. With this new normal, only individuals and organizations who are innovative will remain relevant and thrive in the workplace or in business. These advancements have birthed the dynamics of the workplace we have today, and therefore it is crucial to be aligned with the changing global trends. The dynamics of education, work, social events and communication have experienced a huge shift. Hence it is important to prepare one’s self to operate and gain relevance in the future which is here. In surviving this new normal, there are skills that are important for one to build and develop. Digital transformation has been an aspiration for many organisations for quite some time. Organisations have been forced to reimagine how they evolve their workflows and processes differently in these times. There will be an imbalance in demand and supply of raw materials and talent. In such times, those who will come up with unique solutions to solve complex problems will succeed. Tried and tested ways may not be the only solution for us anymore.

Below I have listed some important skills to help individuals and entrepreneurs adapt to the new normal:

  • Workplace flexibility
  • Time management
  • Tech savviness
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Developing a frugal mindset
  • Out of the box thinking and flexibility

Giving the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have experienced a burst of acceleration, fast-forwarding into the future of work in ways that stress-tested their ability to blend people and technology in the most dynamic ways many of us have ever seen. Equipping one’s self to thrive in this fast pacing workplace is the first step to surviving the new normal.

The New Normal is here to stay so let’s embrace it!

"Gaps in skills and abilities create opportunities."

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