How To Turn Your Mindset Into Your Success

It feels so great to share some of my thoughts and reflections with you. My journey to developing my mind-set towards success has always been inspired by so much.

You see, we are all born with so much potential. We are born with so much in us, which needs to be developed and harnessed as we transition through life.

My inspiration comes from a lot of the music I listen to and one of the songs that always reshapes and reaffirms my mind-set towards success:

You’re the future, and you’ve come for what is yours
The hidden treasure, locked behind the hidden doors
And the promise of a day that’s shiny new
Only a dreamer, could afford this point of view
But you’re a driver, not a passenger in life
And if you’re ready, you won’t have to try ’cause

You are the Universe
And there ain’t nothin’ you can’t do
If you conceive it, you can achieve it
That’s why, I believe in you, yes I do

You’re a winner, so do what you came here for
The secret weapon, isn’t secret anymore
You’re a driver, never passenger in life
And when you’re ready, you won’t have to try ’cause

This is a song by The Brand New Heavies, titled “You are the Universe”, which plays a huge role in my journey especially when I tend to doubt my purpose or when things feel and seem misaligned. We all have those days where we have moments where we question our existence and our journeys on this earth love these days as painful and reflective as they are, because they assist me in appreciating my journey and my purpose. We are here by design and have so much that we can reflect on and appreciate as part of our success. It’s also a mind shift and a reflection of our live in essence.

We all want to be successful and live in the mind set of success. It’s a natural need which we are born with, and have instilled in us as we transition through life. We face the storms and trials which make us question, doubt and wonder, which are also part and parcel of the process.

Our mind-set towards success is defined by what we believe in success, and what we visualize as success and what we have experienced as success. Success differs for each and every individual and its something that becomes more and more personal as the years go by.

My mind-set is really based on foundations of authenticity and being the person that I am, together with the growth that I experience as well as the tribe that I am part of. Through these dynamics, I love the fact that my mind-set towards success is not only based on the good, but also the negatives which shape us and transform us. Success is a personal journey and an authentic one, and we cannot prescribe success to others, because we all have different frames of references and experiences which shape us.

What is success to you? How have you experienced it? Share with us here: and lets empower and inspire our community.