How To Deal With Anxiety During Turbulent Times

It’s never too late.

I know and appreciate the journey of starting over and rebuilding one’s self, in order to live a more authentic and directed life.  I am appreciative of my journey to date, because it comes with so many lessons and so much wisdom, and gratitude. I have learned to be open to embracing change and everything that comes with it. I have learned to appreciate the losses and gains that come with change and starting over. I have learned to adapt, because adaptability is one of the key survival skills we need to harness on, because nothing in life is constant. I have learned to grow my identity through the changes that come with every season. All because nothing in life is constant. It’s all a journey.

One important thing I’ve learned to also do, is to block the negative noise that comes with the events that take place in one’s life, because in all honesty, the negative noise can break you, and can derail you from your focus and from growing your potential and building on your dreams. Negative noise creates pressure and can really harm one and leave one angry, bitter and resentful. It is not healthy for you, because you become depressed and start operating from spaces, which are toxic to yourself, your mental, emotional and physical health. Noise will always be there, but you choose what you want to listen to and what you want to block out. I have chosen to listen to the beat of my own drum, which drives my passion and directs my ever evolving purpose. If it does not sound good to me, it is not worth my sanity.

So for you, my darling, who is feeling low today, who is feeling like a failure, who is filled with self – doubt, uncertainty and anxiety, please know that you are not alone in this down time. It is through these down times where we can reflect and strategize to restore and rebuild. It is never too late and it can be done according to your own terms and conditions. Please protect your space and start aligning with what is going to help you get up, and dust yourself off and do it again.

Please remember that life is a process, and that you are an evolving and growing person who is part of the process and can lead the process.  Life is a process of breaking through every obstacle thrown at you. Each time you cross an obstacle you will learn something from this lesson, which comes with the process. Appreciate the process and work your way through every part of the process. Each time, you’ll develop resilience, strength, wisdom, gratitude and a brand new perspective.

As I appreciate this day, there are two heart warming quotes which I would like to encourage you with:

Sometimes when your plans don’t materialize or work out as you desired, trust that there’s something better coming your way. I know that it’s often so difficult to believe in this from where you are sitting, because it looks so bleak. “Something better is coming. Sometimes “redirection” is a helpful “intervention,” leading you away from problems you could not predict. And towards benefits you could not imagine. Sometimes “mistakes” lead you to lessons learned. And growth gained. All of which will help you to become more. And get more than you might have become and gotten otherwise.” – Karen Salmansohn

Martin Luther King once said;   Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.  By taking the first step upward we are at least on our way toward someplace more elevated than the place from which we stand idly.



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