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Who is Lebo

Lebo is first and foremost a mom to a beautiful daughter, residing in beautiful Pretoria, with her roots deeply sown into South Africa’s education and empowerment vision. Her main passion lies in all things marketing, forensic marketing and personal branding.

Lebo is a compassionate, empathetic and driven woman who is disciplined and a born educator. She is also creative at heart and diverse in her skillset and passions. She is inquisitive and always open to learning new things about her field, her institution, her students, her colleagues, mentees and herself… as is evidenced by the years of academia she has been involved in. She has completed multiple qualifications in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Public Relations through the Tshwane University of Technology. She also holds a Prestigious Qualification in Vocational Teaching and Learning from the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland, a qualification in Commercial Forensic Law from the North West University and Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners. Lebo believes in authentic lifelong learning which makes one a better human being to the benefit of our society at large and as such wants to share her knowledge with as many people as possible through entrepreneurship.

Lebo has a keen interest in Life Coaching and mentoring and is also certified in Neuro-Linguistics Programming.

Lebo's Mentor

Koo Govender

As the first female CEO of the VWV Group, Koo’s passion for women’s empowerment and mentorship was demonstrated by her championing of the Phakama Women’s Academy, which is a bridging programme to equip and empower marketing university graduates for the ‘realities’ of the corporate world. Koo remains a trustee of the academy to ensure continuity and momentum for this vital and unique initiative.

Lebo's Background


Lebo is a mentorship coordinator for the Marketing section in the Tshwane University of Technology department.

Lebo has worked with Student Development Services on assisting them to put together the mentorship program for TUT and provided them with a framework and template to work from in order to structure out the program.

While having contributed towards the department’s new marketing curriculum, created the mentorship structure and documents for the department which have been used in the general TUT mentorship program, Lebo aims to continue to improve on the material worked on and integrate them with more updated information.

Lebo provides counselling coaching sessions for some of her colleagues and students. It helps them offload some of their problems and they get to share some of the pressures and challenges they face here in the institution

Lebo networks in these spaces and brings new business to the department and faculty. These are communities which academics don’t generally tap into, due to various reasons, and she has taken it upon herself to change that narrative and use these communities and networks to help create opportunities for the students.

Through working with the Marketing Association of South Africa, we are forced to know and understand the laws and regulations relating to industry. We also teach these to our students. Lebo communicates a lot with the Marketing Association of South Africa which is the regulatory body in South Africa for advertisers and marketers.

Lebo is the founder and organizer of the “Grooming the Future Marketer’s Initiative, an industry related and personal branding initiative which seeks to expose students to the needs and expectations of the business industry. This initiative aims to help students with developing their CV’s, business plans, personal brands and presentation skills both in and outside the lecture room.

She is also part of the organizing team for the TUT- hack-a-thon organising committee which is an annual event that empowers students to come up with business ideas and present them to various stakeholders like Amazon Web services, ThinkAgile and Agile42.

She is currently heading the Industry Liaison – Advisory Board at her department which connects industry and academia.

NLP Coaching and Mentoring

Lebo is a qualified NLP Coaching Practitioner, as well as a mentor on the Secrets of Sistahood. This programme is designed to develop young African women to become confident in whichever leadership path they are following, whether as a career based or entrepreneurial based individual. Being mentored by leaders in society will allow these women the unique opportunity to gain all the benefits that a formally structured programme offers.

She is also now serving as a member of Women in Leadership Forum (WoLF) Steering Committee at the Tshwane University of Technology and is the marketing representative for the department of Marketing, Supply Chain and Sport Management at the University.

Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Branding Expert

As an entrepreneur who works with other entrepreneurs, Lebo loves the process of entrepreneurship, because she grows form working with people and also from imparting knowledge on to them.

Lebo is a well-known marketing and branding expert specializing in: Consumer Behavior, Neuro-marketing, advertising and sales promotion, networking, personal branding, forensic marketing, personal efficiency.

Lebo has worked with high-level individuals here in South Africa, including: Palesa Nyalela: Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist (2019), Mesia Gumede; Radio Personality on Power FM and actor, Thato Molamu, as well as Selebogo Molefe Founder of The HookUp Dinner. She has been mentored by marketing and branding experts like Mr Andy Rice and Dr Sarah Britten Pillay.

Publications & Authoring

She has authored book chapters for academic marketing textbooks and Brands and Branding, 21st Edition.

Contributed an article with a former colleague on Personalisation to Brand and Branding South Africa through Dr Sarah Britten-Pillay of Young and Rubicam South Africa’s The Labstore – August 2015.

Contributed two (2) chapters on In-store Media and In-store Advertising for Advertising 1 (ISBN 978-1-77586-766-1) and Advertising 2 (ISBN: 978-1-77586- 787-6) textbooks through Edge Learning Media Publishers in November 2015 and January 2016.


Fundraising Concepts

Design Driven Entrepreneurship

Servant Leadership - The Deciding Difference

Coaching & Mentorship

Life Coach & Practitioner in NLP

CEO Magazine Mentorship Program (MentorMe247)


Empower Women Global Champion for Change

Assessor & Moderator Course

Young African Leader's Initiative Certification

Lebo initiated the Boy without an identity partnership between the Faculty of Management Sciences at TUT, and the Thato Molamu Foundation. She organized the event, and in collaboration with some of the students, the event was put together with positive intention to influence the young men who are studying and on a journey to building themselves. The Boy without Identity is a movement of men building men. Its men with a common goal and vision of becoming better people through cohesive thinking and sharing of ideas and principles of how they envision a better society, and their contribution to it. Through this, she has mentored students into strong positions, and some have started up their own businesses in areas of marketing and advertising, recruitment and promotions, tutoring and academic writing, fashion and beauty services, manufacturing as well many more sectors. She has also utilized her strong network to connect students with mentors (both industry and business) to assist some of the students who need the extra guidance in preparing and settling in the workplace.


Featured in "Essays of Africa Magazine" for Empowering Women and running Secrets of Sistahood (May 2017 Edition)

2016/17 UN Women's Empower Women Global Champion for Change - 2016 to Present

Young African Leader's Initiative Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa Alumni for Cohort 4 (August 2016 ) Entrepreneurship Track

Semi Finalist for CEO Magazine's 2016 Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government - Education and Training Academic category February 2016

Judge and panellist for the Entrepreneurship week at the Tshwane University of Technology (August 2017 and August 2018)

Judge and Panellist for the 4th Industrial Revolution Innovation Pitching Competition at the Tshwane University of Technology (August 2018)

Starting up ZA-Marketing Mistress Consultancy - 2016


Marketing Representative at the Department of Marketing, Supply Chain and Sport Management (2018 - Present)

Individual Member of the Marketing Association of South Africa (2012 - 2014)

Member of the Business Women Association of South Africa (BWASA) (2014)

Member of the Young African Leaders Initiative Network (YALI) (2015 to date)

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